Leyland Cypress
 Leyland Cypress Hedging Plant
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Leyland Cypress - Available Soon!

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A fast growing evergreen conniver tree. Often used for hedging and screening. Will produce cones in the Autumn. Can reach up to to 20 - 25meters over a 10 year period, and 1 meter a year. Plant 60-100cm apart to create a hedge. Should be trimmed back once or twice a year to maintain its shape. Do not cut back to the brown wood as it will spoil the tree, and take years to recover.  Grows well in full sun or part shade. Please note - You may need to check with UK regulations when growing tall trees in built up areas. This plant is toxic to pets and humans if consumed. 

Frost Hardy - Evergreen

All Year Around interest

Height: 30cm 

4 Lire Pot. 

Suitable for pots, flower beds, borders rockeries and as a hedging plant. Grows well in full sun or part shade.